Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well, I've been pretty absent on here the last year because I was working 40 plus hrs off farm and ta boot it was 2nd shift, I  am a MORNING person! So besides sleeping til 11am and dragging myself(because I sometimes had pies to bake when I got home at midnight to go out for orders the next morning, the dogs always had to go out in the night and we had to really watch our older heeler, she was on meds for seizures and just wasn't doing well. She ended up abruptly loosing her sight in one eye and the other could barely see anything, we had to have her put to sleep as tumor was growing to an unbearable measure. I did a few cakes, donated a porch swing for the community celebration of my husbands hometown. We just opened our last jar of ketchup, still have about 8 qrts of juice left, spaghetti sauce has been gone, still have applesauce, all the jam is gone, ugh!!! Time to plant garden and start all the food canning all over again. We've had many calves born, sold a lot, lost twin calves, bought a handful of cows out of a bad situation and they r doing pretty good 8 months later. I've gotten my sitting room almost completely redone....I had to patch some of the plaster and lathe with drywall and I've stripped the paint of the ornate door hinges and we found the wooden replacement parts the go on the doors behind the door knobs. I got a new screen door and put it on the tenants trailer. My hubby has been soooo busy too. So, I decided, since I hadn't really seen my hubby in almost a year, that I would push my cake business, push the porch swings and I'm making the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions now too. I still work at the hotel front desk but only a couple days a week dayshift. I get to see my hubby! I get to go to bed by 10:30 most nights! I get to get up in the morning! Yea, me! I think my publisher is tired of waiting for me to finish my book though so hopefully I can get that buttoned up in the next couple months. And I think because I have a newer iphone now it's not letting me post pics so they will have to wait till I get on the computer. I am anxious to get start surfing all the blogs I've missed these many months.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Slowing my life merry go round from 220 mph to a nice 55 mph!

Ok, so spud the kitty I rescued last fall/winter, who lost his toes from being caught in string under tenant's trailer, has long been healed up after the vet removed the bones that were left sticking out after his little toes rotted off. My hubby and I each went through a lovely -2 wks missed work-only left bed long enough to feed and care for cows-in which we had to nursemaid a new calf that died at 4 days old---FLU! Omg, we were literally bedridden. I've had plenty of pie orders, through the winter but working 40+hrs 2nd shift at hotel really took a lot out of me. Since I'm a morning person it was a long past year working 2nd shift and not seeing my hubby much. I gave notice at hotel to only work 2 day shift days a week starting in April as I've started making soaps, lotions, creams, shampoos, and conditioners (which I am in process of getting my business ins. And copyright to my name so I can sell them too). But the second wk of April the front desk manager at hotel landed himself on a lovely 3-4 wk vacation that was not optional after a visit to ER. So I worked his shift for him every day til he got back. I'm late getting my last chapter of my book to the publisher, ugh! And now I took in 4 --2 wk old kittens so people would not take them to SPCA. Feeding was every 3 1/2 hrs but as of this past Saturday they are all pooping and pooping on their own and using litter pan, they also eat from a dish now(although still standing/stepping in it most of the time). It's time to get garden planted, we just sent 11 calves to auction and just had 6 born in last 2 wks. My hubby got us a used D17 tractor so I can learn to help with fieldwork(my request) as tractors we have didn't have breaks if stalled and we farm all hills. I drove it for the first time the other day and got to back up our used but new to us cullipacker(spelling), unhook and drive over and back it down slope into the barn and park it! Yea! You can teach an old dog new tricks, lol🙀😜 also excited because I tried my first ever cold process soaps, a dark chocolate/vanilla mocha soap and a neroli and Shea blossom and cedar wood atlas essential oil soap with what is called a Taiwan swirl. I also have made a face cream I have been dying for since I can't find the carrot face cream I used to get from burts bees. But I like mine better! I will share my website soon with you all. Just tired, half way through the 2 yr transition of the "change of life" and I will be very ecstatic when hot flashes are done. Finally took time to cut my hair as it was driving me nuts in my eyes long......oh, I guess I will just add some pics now to go with all this update.    Well, I will post them if I can figure out how from my iphone now.