Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shopping Bag

Okay, I got this really awesome shopping bag from 'WidgetWorm' aka - my sister - her blog is listed on my site(one that takes the place of a plastic shopping bag - you know - the new 'green' bags), AND...well, I love it. So I thought I would try making a 'shopping' bag myself. I actually used my neighbor's 'green' bag that she brought over hot peppers in - for a pattern. I had blue jean material left over from the quilt I made and gave it a try. When I went to make the handles and turn them right side out after sewing them I decided I liked the looks of the 'inside-out with pressed seam' better than right side out. I think if gives the bag character. I stuck cardboard in the bottom for reinforcement. My next try will be to make a bag like my sister gave me.

Blue Jean Quilt

I had a lot of old blue jeans and decided to use some of them to make my boyfriend a quilt to take with him in the truck (usually a semi with a huge cement pump or cement tanks on the back - they cement gas wells and sometimes are on site for 6 to like 24 hrs. if they have to wait for the well drillers to finish). I thought it would be cool to use the back of the waist band for some of the quilt.

Me and Raggedy Ann Quilt

I picked up this cute - looks like new raggedy ann at a flea market this summer and thought it would be cute to make a toddler blanket with Raggedy Ann having a blanket just like it that snaps on to the toddler blanket. I love how it turned out. :)

Fire Starters

Got this great idea to make fire starters and basket them. I used rolled up newspaper, wrapped twine around each roll with four little twigs, then dunked each end in wax. I added wax dipped pinecone firestarters too. For decoration I waxed some autumn leaves. (not shown - for lack of energy to find them on my computer - a red basket and a silver basket)

Fun Kids Rack

Okay, I absolutely love this fun kid's hat/coat rack. I actually took the idea of the circles from one of my scrapbooking idea pages. :) Did I mention that I love it!!!! lol

Steampunk Stuff

Thought I would try a bit of Steampunk Stuff, I had some items laying around that looked like they would fit the bill, and wah-lah! I made a decorative book and redid an old wood item hanger 'tree'.

Wood Chimes

I had a bunch of dowels laying around and have been finding crafts to do with them. I made one set of John Deere wood chimes and 2 sets of IH wood chimes. One of the IH sets we will have on our porch, I have to finish putting our strings on ours.

wood & fabric wallhanging

For the sake of finishing this project started awhile ago, I did not put the outer wood edging on it that I had originally planned. It still turned out pretty neat with the wood blocks on it though.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barnboard Rack

I found this great piece of barnboard that I thought had great ends on it - and it inspired me to take a few of the ceramic insulators and original fence nails to make this great coat/hat rack. I had found the old hindges in the grainery that we don't use anymore and thought that they would go with the rustic theme of the rack.