Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work Table

I had a bunch of wood legs like for tables or stair rails given to me and I've been tryin' to be creative with them and my scraps of wood from the porch swings I've been buildin' :). I thought - how cool would it be to inset a metal grate(much like a piece of glass on an end table) into a wood frame for a work table for my boyfriend. Then if he has something 'hot' from welding or 'wet' from painting to dry it would get air all around it. I also put a small metal hook on three sides so he could hang stuff to dry or cool or what ever he deems necessary. It was easy to use the table saw to cut my inset edges. I painted the legs brown (cause they all have a light yellow primer on them), left the wood frame natural, cut out my center with a grinding wheel, wire brushed the steel grate(as it was rusty from sittin' around doin' nothin' :) and painted that silver. I screwed it fast in the corners and wah-lah! Now I have this awesome work table to give him tonight! :)

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