Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Up!

Wow! Busy is just the beginning. I feel soooo deprived of my time on my craft blog, facebook time,, since I have over 1000 unread I'll leave that subject alone, me time...what's that????? ha ha ha. Okay, so I've been busy working, making cookies (check out my cake site -, putting/writing music to the song I have been writing for a special someone as a suprise - I have the tune, have some of my guitar chords figured out and playing those to record them and put them on the awesome program my nephew told me about '' where I will be able to record my voice, my guitar playing, and add other instruments and such, I just have to finish writing the music for all of it - whew! I have 242 little dirt pots for flower garden seeds ready for seed starting and 38 little dirt pots for garden plant seeds ready for seed starting. I long to just sit at my sewing machine and sew(I'm thinking of making a quilt for a wedding gift for this summer for a nephew) I have mending to do. Ugh, where to begin...I just pick something and do it and hopefully I will eventually get caught up to myself --- lol---the reality side of me says I won't ever get caught up cause I find tooooo many 'things' I want to do. Oh, yeah, and my biggest news --- I got engaged on Christmas day --- WOO HOO! I didn't know if my shy farmer would ever get the words out! lol We just had the last of our calves born about a month ago and I just did pour on wormer by myself on all our cattle since my other half works so many hours off farm I didn't know if it would get done otherwise. I know I'm leaving news out but I'll hopefully be back to update soon.

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