Monday, July 26, 2010

Tractor Scene Items

Okay, My boyfriend refurbishes 1/16th scale toy tractors and has never had scenery to use behind his tractors when he takes his pics for ebay or his toy tractor site...soooo, I started painting this pic(by the way-it is my first painted pic). I still have shadows to do and a bit of farm machinery to add and I will glue real dirt onto the field so it will blend with the bottom board I add that will have real dirt glued on.

Okay, this is the next item I am making him, a 1/16th scale workshop, I put lights in the roof and am making cool items for it that will make it seem like a real workshop. I have made everything except the 5 small tools(hammer, wrench, etc.) The lubricant spray bottle still needs the label. On this wall you can see the snap on tool box I carved out of wood, the workbench that I put a peg board back on by drilling each little hole in the thin wood for it, the paper 'gasket' scaled to the tractors.
I this pic you can see the welder(which has welding stick too made partly with hook earings), air compressor(made with empty 35mm film case, moveable eyes, rubber pencil grip, and much more), butane torch, napa box, radio, socket set(the sockets are necklace hooks - that have the threads for the other part to screw into :) and another workbench. I have more items to make and add and I will be adding what will look like internal and external 120 v. and 220 v. outlets. I will post more pics when totally finished and he'll probably have a tractor in front of them. :)


  1. okay that is insanely tiny stuff. I love the little gas can! WoW Wow Wow

  2. really awesome!!! I love it!