Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update - long overdue

Okay, wow, it's been busy. I'm tryin to button up some of my smaller projects, aka: brick/cement bbq(2 rows high now), my wood and fabric quilt wall hanging(on etsy now), my daughter has inspired me to pull my guitar back out and work on some songs - she is way ahead of me on this and she actually plays and sings in public places, have another porch swing to do, doing training at home for medical transcription, planning a kick butt awesome 3-D tractor cake for my boyfriend's b-day coming in Oct., just had an interview with Grizzly Industrial and waiting to hear if they want me (I think I'm one of the 20 being hired but it's a waiting game now), my boyfriend had double hernia surgery and is going back to work full time next week, we've had another calf born, we had a get together not to long ago and Keith's(my boyfriend) boss passed out and had to be life flighted to the hospital from our house, I joined the toy tractor site Keith belongs to and I'm refurbishing a 1/16 scale combine, been tryin to keep up with my baking and chores, and oh, yeah, fun...I've almost got our horseshoe pits done, got 3 ringers the last game we played and 5 the game before that - can't wait to get ours finished. The garden is almost ready for harvest - another chore! Canning and freezing to be done. My oldest and his wife are settled in California and working on their masters, my 19 yr. old is coming down from NY to live with us, and my 16 yr. old just got started in his junior year in highschool -says he loves it(probably because he is participating in a half day program this year and next called boces and his class there is all focused on diesel mechanics. Um, probably much more than that - oh, yeah, we watched a bobcat the other night about 300 yards from the front porch - he got a ground hog while we watched. Kinda cool but scary he was that close to the house and not bothered we were out there with the dogs watching him.

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  1. No wonder you havent been on. Wow!!! You've been super busy!! It sounds like things are going step at a time!!!