Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage wood Nail/bolt boxes turned shelving!

So, out in the wagon shed is a big pile of 'stuff' from when my boyfriend's parents sold there farm and bought a house in town. I hate having so much 'stuff' to organize and go through BUT I love the big pile of 'stuff' to be creative with. There are many of these vintage wood nail/bolt boxes so I thought I would make some shelving for the kitchen. AND the kitchen and I just spent 15 1/2 straight hours - yes, from 6 am - 10:36 pm(had to minus my chore time for the beef cows) in reformation. I had my first meal at about 10:50 pm - sat for 15 min. and went to bed til 5 am and started cleaning the kitchen back up. I wasn't able to strip the boards yet that are behind the shelving pictured here and that was why I explained some of my kitchen project - I will be posting pics soon of our kitchen. But back to the shelves...

Now, these were full of dust, dirt, old oats, old straw, nasty stuff. I used a paint scraper, a soft green dry scrub pad, a stiff paint brush, and the shop vac to clean these up. I carefully hammered in any nails or loosening dovetails. I also cleaned them all with liquid gold. I nailed them together with old, small nails from a time era when these would have been new(psss-the nails came out of the lathe boards that have been taken out of the house so far). I did use 3 screws to hang it on the wall, but I am so pleased with this. I have started putting on some of our 'older' items we have and I have one more I did to hang by the door for more items and keys and such. Now, once that wall is stripped and done natural it will all come together.

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