Sunday, December 27, 2009

Firewood? OR Rustic Country Ornaments?

Again, looking at the firewood...umm...yeah, I spend a lot of time helping cut, split, stack, and burn our firewood :) So, I might as well be creative and have interesting thoughts while doing a needed chore. So, back to the creative thought - What if I took one of those 2" diameter hunks and used the table saw and cut off 1/4" slices, drilled a small hole in the edge, printed off personal or meaningful pictures to both of us and hung them on the Christmas here they are: (oh, I happened to have 14 of them with tractors, pics of us and our dogs, my kids, etc...but I also used the backs of them for my jamonkeyschwap name at the top of my blog laying them on the xmas tree branches before it was decorated).

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