Sunday, December 27, 2009

Porch Swings

Looking out upon our big beautiful pasture towards the rustic little German Church that borders our fenceline I told my boyfriend that it would be nice to have a porch swing...I told him I could build us one. Then the neighbor gave us a huge amount of wooden dowels

and my mind went to work.

So, here is the vision that was in my head as I looked at the dowels above.

And so began the starting point of our swing...something special for the two of us to enjoy the rest of our lives. As for the dowels, our neighbors would always be thought of as an important part of our lives.

In progress...the arms with cup holders. I surprised my boyfriend by cutting a case IH symbol in the headboard and painted the inside the IH red and black. The finished chain to hold it up is painted the IH cream and red.

If you look closely you can see a bit of the white church on the middle edge on right side of pic in the trees just above the railing. We have to replace our porch railing and floor but since 8/09 we have been trying to fit in plaining the larch boards for our siding that we had cut off of our land...actually that is what I made the swing out of.

WELL...I have found that this has started a desire for porch swings. I have been working on one for my boyfriends sister and I am sooooo excited about it. I also do paper cutting and had the great thought of using a paper cutting design in the headboard. What made it even better is woodburning details in the below is the progress as of 12/09.

Below is the finished swing.


  1. I love the squirrels! So crafty.

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