Saturday, May 8, 2010

Start of brick BBQ pit/grill

So, we get a lot of dry 'waste' cement left over from my boyfriends work an have been cementing our driveway from the dirt road, past the house, past the barn, out to the manure pit - probably a quarter of a mile all together. But anyways, I just can't help myself with the thought of wanting to do something creative with some of that cement - so, I decided that I would make use a brick BBQ grill. Step 1 would be a cement pad. Step 2 is that I am using old bricks we have laying around the farm AND even better I am collecting one or more bricks from all of our friends we get together with to make the actual grill/pit. (so, I am guessing that it will be a month or two before I get to actually work on building the grill/pit part).

I measured, squared, and spray painted my line on the grass to dig. I dug down 4" deep an set a 2 x 4 frame around the edge of the hole and weighted it with a paint can and one of my other cement experiments(dug a tractor shape in the ground, lined with foil, sprayed with cooking spray, poured my cement, let harden and lifted out my cement tractor 2 days later slicker than slick). I filled my whole with the dry cement and sprayed it with the hose soaking it, letting that be, then repeating two more times. All the sod from the top of my whole I cut out with the shovel in sections and placed them around the base of one of our trees.

I had also took a small piece of wood and pushed in the IH shape which I painted later when I took off the wood frame.

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