Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOW!!!! I'm So Impressed!!

Okay, this was my first SewMamaSew Contest trip and WOW, what an impression, so overwhelming with trying to visit so many web sites, checking a little something on each one to decide whether or not to follow it, what inspiration...I actually was inspired to do a cool wall hanging - AND it feels soooo good because it was my own creativeness that spurred it. I really didn't see any quilt wall hangings on my journey through creative blog land but it did make me start thinking creatively - WAIT till you see this wall hanging - I will tell you it has to do with wood - yes - wood and fabric! :) There were way too many sites for me to get to even half of them this time around as we have been working hard on putting in fence post and 4 strands of wire around 7-8 acres of pasture for our beef cow mama's and babies that are coming as soon as the fence is ready. Since my boyfriend works off farm 70-90 hrs. a week a lot of that is on me to do alone(well, me, the skidsteer, the shovel, tamper, and our two blue heelers - and yeah, their a lot of help - they sit in the shade and watch me :) I was also inspired to put together some more of my quilt squares for the bluejean quilt I started a month and a half ago - yesterday - until the needle loosened up and fell out of my machine, then I jumped to another project for awhile - painting on one of my current-in-progress birdhouses. Had a funeral today to attend so I missed the last 12 hrs. of the contest but am happy and excited to get checking out the sites I have chose to follow. Happy day to you.

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  1. ooohh I cant wait to see pics, sounds like your stitching up something great.