Monday, January 4, 2010

Folding Table

My sixteen yr. old comes to stay with us (we live in PA...he lives in Western NY) and we try and do something together when he comes. We made this awesome folding table out of our larch boards. He is so proud of it and keeps it in his bedroom. He says he is saving it for his own home
(he stays with his dad for now).
He already has a project picked out for this spring break when he comes down - a folding stool. He is bringing a metal/wood one that his dad has and we will take measurements and such off of that to create a fully wooden folding stool. It feels good to be able to share a talent with one of my children that will make a difference for years to come, not only with memories he will have of the time we had together during these projects but for a child that deals with ADD and Depression it helps him to have these completed projects to look upon and know that he did it(with mom's guidance...but he did most of the work himself).

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