Monday, January 4, 2010

Walls, Ceiling, and Lights Oh, My!

So, here is one of our first projects together(my boyfriend and I). His garage of 22 years has T1-11 on the outside that is not all good. The inside had nasty moldy brittle cheap paneling with most of the insulation missing behind it, no ceiling and just 3 fluorescent plug in lights. We took off the old paneling. I reinsulated all the walls and we put up wall board that he had gotten free from a local business that gives away used pieces. Then I gave him the gift of lights. I wired 12 lights and 3 outlets and put in a 220 outlet for him all in conduit...obviously not fast enough though...before he started working off the farm I worked part time off the farm only to get home from work one day and have him say "I need you to look at that 220 outlet, I thought I would try and help you out but I don't think I hooked it up right...I got shocked". Well, isn't that what every woman wants to hear when she gets home from work...
so out to the garage I went, and sure enough,
he got his wires crossed!
Now we have a huge Allis Chalmers sitting where all that pile of stuff used to be that is in the pic as the Allis needs $800 worth of parts and he can then fix it, and he has a beautiful place to work on his toy tractors now. We even have a wood stove in there so it is toasty comfy to work out there. What's nice is that he will work on his toy tractors while I work on one of my projects...he actually would prefer I was out there working on one of my projects when he is working on his, it is so wonderful to know that he enjoys having me around when he is in his guy place.

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