Monday, January 4, 2010

Wire Spool Table

As this wooden spool was turning as we put up the high tensil wire for the new milk cow pasture, my mind was turning could this empty spool be used. We didn't have a back porch table! AND my boyfriend had kept chunks of drywall from the kitchen that his ex-wife of 14 yrs. had carefully painted hearts/birds on and didn't have the heart to through them away. I asked him if I could utilize them for our back porch table and showed him my idea. I carfully cut them out and put a protective coating on them. I utilized more of the dowels from our neighbor for the stems(check out the swings) and also utilized lathe boards that are piled up for some creative use for the leaves. I had sanded the spool, coated it with polyurethane, used IH Case colors on the top washers and bolts and carefully nailed on my flowers. So the table on the back porch represents love of past and love of present in a beautiful piece of porch furniture.

1 comment:

  1. This is soo nice, you could make these and sell them. The "Folksy-rustic" look is very desirable.