Saturday, January 2, 2010

Marble board/Game of Aggrevation

My boyfriend's dad made us a dark stained marble board months ago and we have had so much fun playing with friends that we decided to make a board for them too. The pics I took of the process of cutting, sawing, sanding, and drilling I took with my cell phone and even though most of them sent to my email and I have them on the computer they are not uploading correctly for me onto here are the finished pics. I woodburned designs into some of the marble holes and stained them a little darker to show special marble places.

I cut them with the table saw, cut out a part of each board(bottom of top board and top of bottom board) in the center so that they would fit together. I used dad Moyer's pattern to draw on where I would drill the holes, drilled them first with a 15/64" bit then a 1/2" bit then the final 5/8" bit. Sanded all with my Christmas present...a Skil palm sander with 50 grit paper then 120. I used the dremel with a sanding bit to carefully sand the holes. Then used my other Christmas present...a woodburner, and had fun with some of the marble spots, and then stained them also before I used a natural stain on the whole thing. I bought my shooter marbles and die from the local Ben Franklin.

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  1. Could you please help me? I have this exact game but do not know its name. I know how to play but would love a copy of the rules and objectives. Please email me asap at I have several of these games with no instructions.
    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Rebekah Coleman~